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Jamesway invites you to our Webinar Wednesdays education series, where we focus on the questions at the forefront of hatchery managers’ minds. Join us monthly as we share our knowledge on a variety of topics and answer live questions from webinar participants.

Each webinar will last an hour, with 30-45 minutes of content, and plenty of time for questions and answers. Free registration is now open for the first sessions. Reserve your spot today!

To suggest topics or for any questions you may have, please email webinars@jamesway.com.

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The Data Driven Hatchery

In a hatchery you collect large amounts of data.
What are you doing with it?
Are you using this data to make management decisions or are you collecting the data to be compliant with your company’s requirements?
Investigate how this data can help you make better management decisions.

Dr. Keith Bramwell and Hatchery Consultant, Henry Kohl, discuss one of Henry's favorite topics.

Equipping Your Hatchery for Success

With the frequent rotation of hatchery management throughout the poultry industry, some of the age-old practices of solid hatchery management are getting lost. In an effort to capture some of those best practices, our next webinar will focus on the best techniques for systematic and routine machine maintenance and parts management.

We will look at how to optimize your older hatcheries within your operating budgets and offer other tips for efficiencies. Recommended for hatchery managers, purchasing agents and general hatchery personnel.

Dr. Keith Bramwell leads a panel of former hatchery managers from our sales and consulting team as they discuss this issue.

-Phillip Perry - Jamesway Hatchery Consultant. 25 years as a hatchery manager (turkeys, chickens)
-Henry Kohl - Jamesway Hatchery Consultant. 34 years as a hatchery manager (ducks, chickens)
-David Hammond - Jamesway Sales Representative. 40 years as a regional hatchery manager
-Kirk Dawkins- Jamesway Sales Representative. 12 years as a hatchery manager

Clues in your Hatch Residue - Part II

There has been so much response to our Webinar on Residue Analysis that for this webinar Keith will team up with Phillip Perry and Henry Kohl to go even deeper into the subject. Learn more about the specifics of the breakout, particularly late dead embryos and chick quality issues, and what each condition tells us about our incubation program.

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