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Jamesway's single-stage and multi-stage incubation systems are industry leaders for a reason: the most effective designs also translate into the most reliable, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient machines.

Easy to use and maintain

A user-friendly design and an emphasis on accessibility make Jamesway incubators and hatchers a valuable addition to any hatchery. Less time spent on installation, maintenance and staff training means more time for what matters most.

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Reliable performance

Our incubators, hatchers and ventilation systems are the most reliable on the market. These products deliver consistent performance and the ideal environment for eggs and chicks at all times.

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Low total cost of ownership

User-friendly controls with durable components and readily available spare parts ensure low installation, operation and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the system.

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Energy efficient

Cost-effective water heating systems, heat recovery solutions and energy-saving accessories, coupled with the smallest fan motors in the industry, help reduce the hatchery’s carbon footprint and generate long-term cost savings.

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Easily adapted to changing needs

The flexible design of our equipment is easily adapted to new requirements. When your hatchery expands, integrating new Jamesway equipment is fast and easy.

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Jamesway’s sales reps are hatchery men who can answer questions and dig in to help solve problems. When they don’t know something they call in to Jamesway’s technical support team for another level of hatchery knowledge.

Daryl Hilsher
Longenecker's Hatchery, Inc

It’s the consistency and reliability of their products and services that keep us with Jamesway.

Bob Billingsly
Director of Development and Engineering, Sanderson Farms, USA

What Jamesway does extremely well is respond with business critical urgency so that our hatchery can operate at maximum efficiency.

Mark Roberts
Director of Hatcheries, Aviagen, USA

Platinum equipment is easy to maintain, performs well, is flexible, and does not require lots of maintenance.

Andrew Godzikowski
President, Cedrob Hatchery, Poland

Why I stick with Jamesway – you know how to keep your customers happy and you have great incubators.

John Vowles
CEO Manager, CEVA Animal Health, USA

It was not just service on the machines, or attention to the unusual demands of our business, but also problem solving and advice on the best practices for the hatches. Outstanding customer service.

Metzer Farms
California, USA

The ability of these machines to be so incredibly precise was amazing. I feel that we have been able to really maximize our hatch results.

Canards des Monts
Quebec, Canada

“robust machines which provide excellent results including impressive energy efficiencies”

Orlodo Stephenson
Hatchery Manager, Zartech, Nigeria

Lucas Harrington, Hubbard Director of Pedigree Operations in Walpole and I are very pleased with the Hatch results and livability we are getting from this new equipment

Roberto C. Avila,
Director of Hatcheries, Hubbard Pedigree Operations, Walpole, New Hampshire

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