Over 100 years of experience

Designing and installing incubation systems and hatchery equipment has been the core business of Jamesway for over 100 years. We have used this experience to continuously deepen and broaden our expertise, develop innovative products and practices, and enhance our services.

history old incubator

1890 Creation of the James Manufacturing Company
1915 The James Manufacturing Company launches its first incubator on the market
1959 Launches the world’s first multi-stage incubation system, including the patented laminar airflow pattern and plastic egg flats, which greatly improve energy and egg handling efficiency
1985 International distribution of Hatchcom III, enabling hatchery managers from all over the world to manage their Jamesway equipment from a central location
1992 Develops and installs the first Jamesway single-stage incubation and hatchery system

history platinum

1997 Improves transport efficiency by introducing the patented self-stacking tray for eggs, doubling the amount of eggs that a typical transport vehicle can carry from the farm to the hatchery
2008 Ensures low energy consumption, with considerable energy savings
2009 Opens manufacturing plant in China
2013 Opens parts warehouse in Russia