Value for money

Our incubators and ventilation systems have been proven to be the most reliable on the market.  We believe our product will give your hatchery the best results and we have the machines, expertise and services on hand to stand behind our products.

Ensured continuity is part of the worry free promise


Reliable, now and in the future

Reliable and consistently performing incubators and ventilation systems provide a good environment for eggs and chicks at all times. Quick and easy access to durable spare parts and extensive customer-related services eliminate the risk of long downtime.

Easily tuned to changing needs

Our designs, as well as our equipment are easily adapted to new requirements. In this way, the hatchery is able to meet the changing needs during the company’s expansion.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Low total cost of ownership

Controls, user-friendliness, durable components and spare parts ensure low installation, operation, and maintenance costs over the entire lifespan of the incubation and ventilation systems.

Saving energy

Cost-effective water heating systems, heat recovery solutions, and energy-saving accessories help reduce the hatchery’s carbon footprint and generate long-term cost savings.

Easy to use and maintain

Easy to use maintain

User-friendliness facilitates staffing

Jamesway equipment is easy to operate. This means that it takes fewer specialized people to operate the equipment, and therefore requires less expensive training for these workers.


All of our products are very robust and easily accessible. As a result, it takes considerably less time to carry out maintenance and repairs, thus greatly reducing the risk of long downtime.