Canard Des Monts: Hatching Ducks in the Laurentian Foothills

Jamesway is the largest supplier of incubators to the duck hatching industry. Most of those hatcheries are in Asia where the demand for duck meat is much higher than in North America or Europe. The exception is the French demand for duck liver paté which has created a small industry of its own in France, and also in the French-Canadian province of Quebec, home to Couvoir des Monts, one of the fastest growing duck producers in the country and an enthusiastic Jamesway client.

Just outside of Montreal, Quebec, the Canard Des Monts hatchery specializes in ducks for ‘paté de foie gras’. We met up with hatchery manager and partner, Mel Aubin, to discuss her unique industry and the effectiveness of Jamesway Platinum 2.0 Single-Stage machines when dealing with ducks.
Mel is a very young and vibrant woman who is able to talk about hatchery maintenance and issues with authority. A self-taught incubation specialist, she began building incubators in her garage as a teenager. That interest developed into a career and she is now managing a specialized hatchery where the main focus is on duck liver for an extremely high end ‘paté de foie gras’. The hatchery is efficient, with a platform of Jamesway’s Platinum 2.0 incubators and hatchers, supported by the Pilot and Hatchsense incubation accessories.

When the equipment first arrived there was quite a lot of adjustment and learning since single-stage incubation had not been used for her particular species of duck. The Mulard duck has a longer hatch cycle of 31 days and required our experts to work closely with Mel to perfect the set profiles. Jamesway was able to provide excellent hatchery support since several of our hatchery specialists came from duck hatcheries. Phillip Perry, a Jamesway Technical Advisor, was able to work with Mel until the set profiles were perfect, delivering exceptional ducklings and Mel herself was impressed. “The ability of these machines to be so incredibly precise was amazing. I feel that we have been able to really maximize our hatch results” she says. “At first I was so confused about how to run single-stage machines, but Jamesway worked with me during that adjustment period. I could see that the machines would perform well from the beginning”.

Daniel Ferrari, Director of Global Marketing and former Sales Manager for the region says that, “working with a special client such as Couvoir des Monts is really satisfying. We know that our machines are very adaptable, and especially good for the duck and turkey market, but they really show their caliber when we are able to fine tune them for such a special niche”.

Couvoir des Monts is nestled in the gently rolling hillside outside of Montreal. The company, currently hatches 100,000 ducks a month, and are planning an expansion to double that capacity this spring.

“The ability of these machines to be so incredibly precise was amazing. I feel that we have been able to really maximize our hatch results”

Canards Des Monts