The Automatic Hatchery

Automatic hatchery

From ‘Plug and Play’ to Sophisticated Custom Design

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Hatchery automation used to be only for larger hatcheries. This is no longer the case. Increasingly, hatcheries of all sizes are turning to automation to handle the repetitive and monotonous duties - freeing manpower to focus on other areas.

Improve the Quality of the Work Environment
Taking away some of the most menial and repetitive tasks of the hatchery, automation can make staff more content and less prone to injury while frankly, lowering staff turnover.

Jamesway can help develop a fully integrated hatchery design by working with you and your supplier to perfectly design a system that meets your needs. Ideally, Jamesway is happy to help you with your hatchery automation by introducing a tiered approach to automation. Start small and upgrade as your needs require. This way you do not have to predict which direction your business will grow and your automation can expand when required.

Our goal is to maximize your hatch performance and help you make the right decisions based on design, technology and cost.

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Plug and Play Automation Machines