Egg transport accessories

Jamesway has developed a series of accessories to facilitate the secure and efficient transport of eggs from the farm to the hatchery. These accessories are available for both single-stage and multi-stage machines.

transport Eggflat

Egg flats – Protect eggs against breakage and contamination

Our easy-to-handle and durable egg flats help protect against breakage and contamination from the moment the eggs leave the farm. Egg flats are available in seven capacities to suit specific hatchery requirements: 36, 42, 77, 84, and 168 for chicken; 25, 30, and 60 for turkey and duck.

transport IncubatorFarm Rack

Farm Rack – Save money, time, and labor

The Farm/Incubator Rack enables the eggs to be loaded onto the rack at the farm. The egg-filled racks are delivered to the hatchery, eliminating the need for manual egg transfer. Next, the eggs can be slid from the Farm Rack to the Incubator Rack by simply sliding the trays from one rack to the other.

transport SST

SST Egg Transport System – Transport twice as many eggs from farm to hatchery

The self-stacking tray (SST) transport system doubles the amount of eggs that a typical transport vehicle can carry from the farm to the hatchery. It is compatible with all Jamesway Incubator/Farm Racks. 


transport PlasticTrayConversion

Plastic Trays – Reduce egg damage during transfer

Jamesway's plastic baskets/trays are manufactured from high impact polypropylene copolymer for improved rigidity, lighter weight, and improved stacking, resulting in fewer damaged eggs. The plastic will not corrode, and the lighter color facilitates quick visual inspection of cleaning. The plastic baskets/trays are also designed with more open area on the sides and bottom for better ventilation.

transport Paperless Chick Box

Paperless Chick Box – Eliminate the need for paper

Jamesway's Chick Box design eliminates the need for paper or pads in the bottom of the box. It is made of a polyethylene material that makes it durable and easy to clean. A uniquely designed floor grid gives the chick superb toehold and comfort. The box is nestable and stackable. The box bottom is raised off the floor and protects the birds' toes when sliding the box over a surface.