Hatchery accessories

Jamesway offers an array of tools to create a stable incubation and hatching environment by monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, and other ambient factors. These accessories are available for both single-stage and multi-stage machines.

accessories hatchery BackupAlarm

High Temperature Back-up Alarm System – Monitor critical operating temperatures

This accessory provides an independant method for monitoring an abnormally high operating temperature in multiple incubators or hatchers. 

accessories hatchery Hatchcom

Hatchcom 4 – Monitor and control multiple incubators and hatchers centrally

This management tool enables the monitoring and control of all incubators and hatchers on site, including machine status viewing, historical data storage and analysis, and profile management.

accessories hatchery Disinfectant

Hatchery Disinfectant System – Increase bio-security in the hatchery

This system automatically executes pre-programmed sanitation procedures based on hatchery conditions, enabling hatchery personnel to eliminate disease-producing microorganisms, thus improving bio-security in the hatchery.