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Hatchery ventilation is one of the key factors in producing good quality hatches. Our team of ventilation specialists helps put together heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that are suited to each hatchery’s specific needs. HatchVAC will give you the healthy habitat that you need for maximum productivity.

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hvac customized design

Customized design

Our ventilation specialists recognize all the intricacies of ventilation system design, such as building orientation and construction, the type of machines used within the hatchery, and the location of the hatchery to take into account the local climate.

hvac modern

Tackling modern-day challenges

We ensure that HatchVAC tackles the hatchery’s modern-day challenges:

  • Providing the proper environment for embryo development and day-old birds
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Enhancing incubator and hatcher operation
  • Ensuring bio-security

hvac all components

Supplying all components

Next to designing ventilation systems, we also provide all of the necessary components to put these systems in place. We work directly with some of the most recognized suppliers of HVAC equipment in order to ensure a solution customized to each specific facility.