Single-stage options

Jamesway has developed various options to add to its single-stage machines to help enhance the output of the incubation and hatching process.


HatchSense™ Monitor/Booster – More and healthier chicks

This tool senses when the first chicks start to hatch. It then performs a series of immediate and automatic profile adjustments to ensure health of the chicks—not only on the first day, but throughout the entire grow-out period.

single options Wiseview

Windows – Monitor eggs without opening doors

The windows allow personnel to see inside the machine without opening doors. As a result, the eggs and chicks can be monitored without losing precious heat, CO2 and bio-security.

General accessories

Besides specific single-stage accessories, Jamesway also offers a wide choice of general accessories that can be applied to both our single-stage and multi-stage machines: hatchery accessories and egg transport accessories