Single-stage incubators and hatchers: the most 'worry free' machines
on the market.

The Jamesway Platinum series offers the best choice of single-stage incubators and hatchers which perfectly fit the requirements of every customer. Our machines feature leading-edge technology that automatically monitors the embryos’ changing requirements and ensures the hatching environment responds. Peace of mind for you, pride of design for us.

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Ensuring the most favorable environment

So simple to operate, yet so sophisticated in its abilities. The Platinum series includes technology that constantly monitors and adjusts the environment to ensure hatch results unsurpassed in the industry.

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Air Flow: Our unique design, features 4 fans in a removable environmental control unit.  Jamesway's airflow design ensures both the quality and uniform distribution of fresh air which delivers the right balance of temperature, humidity and CO2 throughout the machine.provides even temperature and CO2 to all levels

Temperature, Humidity and CO2 : Sophisticated embedded software monitors machine sensors to establish the correct temperature, humidity and CO2 levels which ensure the healthiest embryo development, moisture loss and ideal shell characteristics.

All Jamesway machines are designed to operate as S.P.I.D.E.S. machines. You can create profiles that increase and decrease temperatures as required, keeping the embryos vital until they are inside the incubator.


Our Platinum series offers some of the most energy-efficient single-stage incubators and hatchers in the world:

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Small Fans: 4 smaller fans ensure better airflow, using less energy than a large central paddle fan

Variable speed: Software automatically adjusts the fan speed to precisely meet airflow needs with minimum energy required.

Three-phase motors: Our Platinum machines operate three-phase motors that provide higher reliability and lower installation costs.

Controls: The profile and set-up options make the Platinum series easy to operate with a minimum of manual intervention.  The user-friendly, icon-based, multi-language user interface is easy to learn and train.

Cabinet Integrity: Our cabinet is air-tight, protected from outside disturbances allowing for more precise control over the environment.

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Our removable ECU allows the entire machine to be sanitized between each hatch. Cleaning is easier and biosecurity is enhanced.

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Ease of maintenance

The Platinum series is robust with front panel control elements which are easily accessible with minimum rooftop hardware, thus simplifying maintenance and repairs, and greatly reducing the risk of long downtime. We also have a vast spare parts catalog, ensuring a replacement part for every component in our machines. 

single stage fully equipped

Fully equipped

You wouldn't buy a car without a set of wheels. Similarly, we equip each Platinum single-stage machine with a complete set of racks and egg flats to fill the incubator, as well as dollies and baskets to fill the hatcher. We also offer a wide choice of options and accessories.