Turkeys, Ducks and Geese

Single-Stage Incubation for Turkeys, Ducks and Geese

Not every egg makes a chicken! It is time for turkey, duck and goose producers to get the attention they deserve. Jamesway now features a line of machines, automation and accessories tailored especially for the TD&G market.
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Our single-stage machine puts the emphasis on the machine to perform the procedures for managing the environment of the incubator. Once the incubation is programmed, you can shut the door until the egg transfer with a simple 10% candling or check of fertility at 9-10 days of incubation.

Temperature, CO2, air velocity and (in the hatcher) maturity, have all been incorporated to produce excellent quality poults, ducklings and goslings. The Platinum single-stage machine can maintain egg room conditions until the set is required and it can operate on specifics for that embryo’s developing needs. Better hatch results combined with reduction of management time make it easy to see why it has been called “worry free” and why the trend is towards this style of incubation.

Finally, something for every egg.

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