Tighten your hatch window and increase your efficiency with these products

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With Pilot you can use the egg’s own shell temperature to establish and set profiles and monitor your hatch. Will work with a turkey or duck 30 egg flat.

HatchSense on Baskets SMALL


As its name implies, HatchSENSE in the hatcher senses the first hatch and adjusts the environment accordingly, decreasing the hatch window and, consequently, improving hatchling health and increasing hatch size. Customers that have tested HatchSENSE swear by it. Most see the benefits as a reduction in cull poults, ducklings or goslings by 2-3%.



HatchCOM has profiles designed for your hatch. Based on the tremendous experience of our hatchery experts, these profiles will get you the best hatch results every time. Discover the software and controller to get your hatch to .where it needs to be.

Duck Rack smaller


13 tier racks for every type of egg.

Each rack has its own air cylinder turn control, which means there can be no single point of failure. You can even turn eggs while they are in storage.

SST Tray with poults

SST Flats

For turkey and other types of waterfowl, the Jamesway Self Stacking Transport System allows you to transport and incubate the eggs in the same flats, and later, compress the flats for an economical transport back to the farm