Beak trimming, toe conditioning, candling: design your hatchery to make your processes as easy as possible.

We have the machines to help.

Inline Egg Washer

Egg Washing: For those operations which use egg washing to remove the cuticle we have automatic solutions that will make your job much easier...and your staff happier!

IMG 2822

Egg Lifter: The semi-automatic egg lifter is suitable for all egg types – goose, turkey, and duck. Its ergonomic and lightweight design is configured for Jamesway 35 and 30 egg flats. The egg lifter reduces the need for workers to handle eggs, which means the risk of damage is also reduced.

Basket Washer 1

Washing: We have a variety of washers available to suit any hatchery need. Create a biosecure and efficient process for returning your trays and baskets to their original cleanliness.

vaccination Pullets Vaccination: Depending on your needs we have many options for adding vaccination machines to your processes for ducks, turkeys or geese.