Ventilation controls

Jamesway’s Guardian system gives hatchery managers complete control of their incubation and hatching environment. It offers an accurate means of monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, and pressure.

ventilation controls screen

Sensor-based controls

The Guardian system is composed of a computer that runs the software, sensor packs to provide any combination of temperature, humidity and/or pressure monitoring, and a controller which reads sensors and drives outputs.

ventilation controls continuous

Continuous operation

The system can be configured online, without having to interrupt the monitoring process. In addition, monitoring will continue even when the computer is turned off.

ventilation controls laptop


The software is very easy to use. Users can turn on and off any application with the simple click of a mouse and can easily share data with any Windows application, such as Excel. The system’s ability to multi-task, through installment on any computer in the customer’s network, offers great convenience.