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HatchTALK – Issue 34

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A profile of Japan’s Tohzai Sangyo Boeki

One of Jamesway’s longest partnerships, Tohzai Sangyo Boeki, has been supporting the poultry industry in Japan since 1955.  Their extensive history began with an innovative chick sexing device called the ‘Chick Tester’ which they developed and exported to Western countries.  Through the sale of the sexing device, they had many opportunities to visit countries with a developed poultry industry, mainly in Europe and the United States, and acknowledged the advanced level of the poultry industries in those countries. Convinced that they would be able to contribute to the Japanese poultry/livestock industry modernization by importing and widely distributing those products into Japan, they began to handle poultry farming machinery and equipment.

That was the beginning of a dynasty that continues to service the poultry industry with “the most advanced poultry farming equipment, systems, and knowledge while responding to challenges of resource/power saving, labor saving, pollution control, animal welfare,” according to President Mr. Shosuke Maki.  Jamesway and Tohzai Sangyo Boeki share a solid 35-year partnership. “We have been representing Jamesway in Japan since 1984 and in that time have sold the PT100, PS501, ACI, Platinum1.0, Platinum2.0, and the Gold Line.  We are proud to say that they are all in operation still.”

In Japan, Jamesway's market share (based on the number of birds) in the laying hen market exceeds 70%.  “We find that Jamesway equipment receives our market’s highly positive support, mainly because of its unique ability to maintain an even and stable environment,” says Mr. Maki. At a recent show in Japan, the display of Jamesway’s single-stage machine drew large crowds and the interest was very high.


(Photo on Left: Recent trade show in Japan with Tohzai Sangyo Boeki, Inc.  Above right: President Mr.  Shosuke Maki)

Japan is a market where an initial mortality rate of less than 0.5% is the target.  Because Jamesway’s machines can produce a more vigorous chick by narrowing the hatch window, their incubators are positively evaluated for their initial mortality reduction rates.  The machines produce a high-quality chick which directly contributes to the hatcheries’ profitability. As an importer and distributor of poultry equipment, Tohzai knows the poultry industry from the inside out and their confidence in Jamesway equipment is one of the reasons that, after 35-years, the partnership is as strong as ever.


By: Dr. Keith Bramwell, Ph.D., Hatchery Consultant Manager, Jamesway


Maintaining egg shell quality is important for maximizing production of broiler chicks from breeders as shell quality and hatchability go hand in hand. Thin shells allow for higher water vapor loss during incubation resulting in dehydrated chicks and higher late embryonic mortality. 

Also, egg shells that are thin crack easily during collection and transportation, resulting in poor hatches and higher losses of chicks, from both contamination and excessive moisture loss. The major factors that influence egg shell quality are genetics, diet, climate, housing and age of the hens. Therefore, current knowledge of a flock’s shell quality allows for better management of that flock by changing management practices to improve poor quality egg shells and subsequent hatchability and chick quality.

Of the different measures of egg shell quality, egg specific gravity is the easiest and most widely utilized method. Specific gravity is used to measure shell thickness and, indirectly, the percentage of shell deposited on the egg. There are two methods to obtain egg specific gravity, the Archimedes method and the salt solution method. The Archimedes method involves weighing eggs individually, then weighing them in water and then using the formula; [dry weight/(dry weight-wet weight)]. The salt bath method utilizes several tubs of salt water containing graduated levels of salt solution. 

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(Also published in Zootechnica - April 2019)


It is becoming a very small world as global business shrinks distance and transcends culture. Many companies operate around the globe including Jamesway. We have been supplying hatchery equipment internationally since the 1920’s. Continuing in this tradition, here are a few of our latest international activities.

Cedrob - Poland

Installation has begun in one of the largest hatcheries in the world.  Poland’s Cedrob Inc. is constructing a new hatchery in Kosobudy in the east-central region of the country which will eventually hatch over 5 million chicks per week.  The hatchery features Jamesway’s single-stage equipment with 120 Platinum setters and 72 Platinum hatchers.  Cedrob President Andrzej Gozdzikowski says the choice to use Jamesway machines for his third hatchery was based on his confidence in the equipment and the service.

Cedrob is a multi-family owned business with headquarters in Ciechanow, Poland, and is one of the largest poultry producers in the country.

Tamim, Bangladesh

The Tamim Hatchery in Bogra, Bangladesh has been hatching chicks since January 8th this year. The new hatchery, which features 12 G60 setters and 4 G30 hatchers is the first phase of the project which will eventually double the number of machines.  Phase two is already in process.  The satisfied owners claim 99.6% saleable ‘A’ grade chicks and look forward to the increased capacity when phase 2 is completed.  Tamim owner, Mr. Shahjahan Ali, says he is confident in choosing Jamesway machines because they are “so easy to use and to maintain.”

Hatchcom 4 - If you are not using this tool you are not running your hatchery at its most efficient.

The Latest Software to help manage your hatchery the Worry Free way.

  • Monitors and controls the operation of all your hatchers and incubators. It will also monitor hatchery rooms when connected to the Guardian HVAC system.
  • Prepares detailed alarm and machine operation reports covering real-time, daily, and past events. The reports can be displayed on screen, printed, or stored in a file which can be imported into other popular software packages for further analysis.
  • Illustrates, analyzes, and troubleshoots machine operation by drawing long term trend-indicating graphs from stored temperature, humidity, damper, and event data. The graph capability is extremely powerful and flexible, allowing information to be displayed in many different formats and resolutions.
  • Stores valuable operational machine data such as actual temperature, humidity and damper readings, as well as machine events such as egg turns, heating and humidification activity.
  • Stores valuable event-driven data such as machine alarms and operator response times to alarms.
  • Allows access to all Hatchcom features from any other computer using a local network or Internet via a VPN connection. Hatchcom is designed as a true client-server application.

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AirWAY Ventilation Systems

One of the most important parts of the incubation process is the quality of the air which flows around your eggs. This air is the fuel for your machines and your hatchery.  Jamesway’s ventilation solutions are designed to make your hatchery ecosystem operate at maximum efficiency and productivity.

With AirWAY, Jamesway you can choose between three systems allowing you to select the right option for your hatchery.

The Element
A packaged ventilation system. We deliver, you connect your electricity, gas (optional), water and controls then you are ready to go.

For a flexible and expandable approach, use our modular ventilation option.

Customized RTUs provide the perfect environment for each room, independently.

For more information download our brochure here.

NEW From Jamesway

XCM - Fixed rack MS to SS

The new XCM allows for hatcheries to make the effective conversion from multi-stage to single-stage if they currently have Chickmaster multi-stage machines. The machines feature a matching/similar foot-print and Jamesway’s single-stage incubator efficiencies. This upgrade opportunity enables hatcheries to use their existing hatchery buildings with minimal changes to the structure of the facility to help financially justify the replacement. 

The best care for your embryos
The XCM features the industry proven benefits of single-stage incubator technology: increased biosecurity, more flexible hatchery management, better hatchability, higher quality chicks, lower mortality, higher feed conversion and yield.  

Load, then start. 
Once you’ve loaded the single-stage machine you can immediately start the incubation process, or decide 
to program it for a delayed start at the time of your preference.

Improve chick quality
Chicks incubated in an XCM incubator have better developed organs than in multi-stage systems: longer bones, larger heart, bigger gut and smaller yolk sac. They have a lower first 10 day mortality rate as well.

More Eggs Per Cycle
The XCM can process up to 17% more eggs in a hatch cycle than the existing Chick Master multi-stage machines by using a higher density egg pack utilizing 40 columns and 16 tier racks.

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P10 - The Compact Platinum

The Jamesway P10 is part of the Platinum 2.0 family of single-stage egg incubators and hatchers for chicken, turkey, duck or goose.  Easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain, the Platinum 2.0 is designed to give you the best hatch rates and return on your investment. The compact size of the P10 makes it uniquely suited for specialized and small sized hatcheries.  Designed to hatch valuable grandparent stock, the machine is useful in many other capacities where larger machines are not needed.  The P10 has a maximum capacity of 10,752 chicken eggs. Hatcher also available.

Platinum Quality for Specialized Hatching

Our system is based around an industry exclusive 2 fan, removable Environmental Control Unit. Its central placement and fan design ensure balanced air and temperature distribution throughout the incubator, maximizing production yields. The variable speed, low horsepower fans also make our Platinum 2.0 incubators the most energy efficient in the industry and feature VFD technology for precise control.

The P10 is a completely enclosed machine with no fan motor openings in the roof which, when combined with our superior sealing capability ensures an air tight enclosure for precise CO2 and temperature control.

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