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HatchTALK – Issue 33

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The World's Largest Turkey Hatchery!

Local officials and turkey farmers gathered in Terre Haute Indiana as the doors were opened on the world’s largest turkey hatchery on August 15. Select Genetics, a branch of Aviagen, pronounced the new establishment ‘ready for business’ with a ribbon cutting ceremony and
speeches by project leaders and local government. The hatchery will ultimately hatch 1.2 million poults a week and will feature 192 Platinum 40 Incubators and 48 hatchers.  Phase one, just launched, will feature 128 incubators and produce 800,000 poults a week. Jamesway is understandably proud of the involvement and appreciates their long history with Aviagen who selected Jamesway as supplier based on the dependability of their machines.  

The $30 million turkey hatchery in western Indiana is located at the Vigo County Industrial Park and covers nearly 118,000 square-feet and will employ about 100 workers. Turkey eggs hatched at the building will come from Select Genetics’ facilities in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota and North Carolina. Jihad Douglas, CEO of Willmar, Minnesota-based Select Genetics, says “I’m very proud of this hatchery and the hard work that the people here in Indiana have done to bring this project to fruition.” 

Jamesway President Denis Kan signs banner, with Sales Represenatives Jason Anderson (far left), Rory Harmon (center left), Installation Supervisor Ronnie Filippone (center right) and Sales Director Jim McKay (far right)
Jamesway President Denis Kan signs banner,with Sales Represenatives Jason Anderson (far left), Rory Harmon (center left), Installation Supervisor Ronnie Filippone (center right) and Sales Director Jim McKay (far right)

Ribbon cutting ceremony photo (left to right) :Steve Witt, Chris Hill, Jihad Douglas, Patrick Ralston, Rick Burger, Rick VanderSpek, Judy Anderson, Mayor Duke Bennett, Rick Huisinga


It is becoming a very small world as global business shrinks distance and transcends culture. Many companies operate around the globe including Jamesway. We have been supplying hatchery equipment internationally since the 1920’s. Continuing in this tradition, here are a few of our latest international activities.

Avidesa - Colombia

Planta Zaragoza and Planta Bacaramanga are two new Avidesa hatcheries that have recently begun operations using hatchery solutions from North America’s Jamesway Incubator Company. The hatcheries are in El Valle and Santander area. The first, Avidesa Mac Pollo Hatchery in Zaragoza, began operations in 2016 with 12 Platinum 120 Incubators and 16 Platinum 40 hatchers. The second one, Avidesa de Occidente in Bucaramanga, began operations with the first installation of 18 Platinum 120 incubators in May and the remaining 6 machines will be installed in the coming year bringing the total to 24 incubators and 16 hatchers.

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Maple Lodge Farms, Canada

Maple Lodge Farms has recently announced an $8-million expansion of the Curtis Chicks Hatchery in Ontario, Canada.
The 22,825-square-foot expansion to the facility is currently underway and expected to be operational by the end of the year or early next year, said veterinarian and Port Hope Hatchery General Manager Dr. Rachel Ouckama.
The expansion will include state-of-the-art incubation equipment provided by Jamesway, a long time supplier for Maple Lodge hatcheries. The project will feature 36 Platinum 2.0 incubators and 20 Platinum 2.0 hatchers.
“This is a significant investment,” said Michael Burrows, CEO of Maple Lodge Farms, at the announcement on June 15. “We are doubling the capacity.” (Read More)

Hatchery Tools - a new guide for hatchery managers



In the spring we featured a webinar on Essential Tools for a Jamesway Hatchery, featuring former hatchery manager and Jamesway technical consultant, Phillip Perry.  From the webinar we have created a supporting guide in which Phillip takes us through the necessary tools for every Jamesway hatchery professional. 

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Order your parts ONLINE

4 months after launch, Jamesway is impressed with the number of users who have switched to our online store to order their Jameway Parts.  Featuring all our Jamesway parts along with other indispensible hatchery tools, the site was launched in the spring.  If you have not logged on to create your account, please check it out now.  If your area is not yet ready for full online purchase don't worry. You still have access to all our parts and can get quotes for parts in 24 hours.


Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays

October 17 - Getting the most from your Multi-Stage machines with Phillip Perry and Victoria Frail

November 7 - Jamesway's Director of Global Services, Steve Ditner joins Victoria to discuss the steps towards an easy installation of your hatchery equipment.

New President - DENIS KAN
Jamesway Incubator Company appoints new president

Jamesway Incubation Company Inc., incubation and hatchery equipment manufacturer, announced  in June that Denis Kan, CPA, CMA, will assume the role of President replacing former president Christopher Omiecinski.  In his former positions as Jamesway C.O.O. and Director of Finance, Kan has led the company through many new processes and has used his formidable organizational skills to propel the company to new achievements.  As president, Kan can be expected to continue this forward surge as Jamesway continues to acquire market share in the hatchery sector.

Denis brings a strong set of technical and analytical skills in financial management, reporting, and organization & planning coupled with key knowledge in operational monitoring, analysis and control and strong business acumen in strategic analysis and planning and tactical business & process alignment.  He has experience directly in field sales and national accounts as well as a history of partnering with sales to work with strategic customers. Jamesway welcomes the senior management change and looks forward to continued growth with Kan at the helm.

What’s the Real Issue with Early Feeding? The discussion continued.

Recently published in International Hatchery Practice, the second part of Dr. Bramwell's discussion of early feeding in the hatchery

Dr. Keith Bramwell, PhD, Senior Technical Advisor, Jamesway Incubator Company

Getting day old chicks on feed and water as quickly as possible after they are removed from the hatchers is an area of research that has been very well covered, and has been discussed for decades. This topic continues to arise in an effort to emphasize the importance of getting an entire group of chicks off to a positive start with proper feeding and brooding of day old chicks. This is usually considered an area of brooding that had been addressed to further emphasize the importance of producers getting the houses ready for the birds prior to the time of their arrival. Having the proper floor and house temperature is critical to make sure the birds all begin food and water consumption as soon as possible after they are placed in the brooding facility. At this point in time, this is well known and well accepted in the commercial poultry industry. However, there are situations where feed and water is not immediately available to the chicks, such as long transportation from the hatchery to the brooding facility. In these cases, feed supplements are offered to all the chicks while in the transportation boxes to sustain them until they are all ready to be placed in the houses. However, these situations are unavoidable, and all chicks are treated uniformly to keep them hydrated and ready to respond when they reach their destination.

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Sales and Service UPDATE - Asia

Jamesway is proud to announce a two part expansion to their Asian Pacific Sales and Service Team. The increase reflects Jamesway’s commitment to Asia and the recent growth of sales of their single-stage machines. Naresh Nair is the new Regional Sales Manager for Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Korea. Naresh brings customers vast experience in the poultry industry and is extremely well acquainted with Jamesway’s market and product offerings.

The expansion also includes the appointment of Oscar Yap as new Regional Field Service Manager for Asia Pacific. Oscar is an electrical engineer who has worked extensively in the poultry industry, in both equipment and ventilation installation. He brings excellent customer service skills and technical knowledge. Ignacio Navarro, Head of APAC Sales, says, “ the addition of Naresh and Oscar will significantly enhance the team here in Malaysia, and our ability to service our customers. Jamesway is growing very popular in this region and we are thrilled to be expanding our team accordingly”.

Jamesway is committed to strong support and investment in Asia and this increase to that team is in keeping with the expansion and growth in the market. Jamesway’s Single-Stage equipment is rapidly becoming the first choice in Asia for its superior capabilities, advanced technology and energy efficiency, delivering the highest quality of day old chicks.

Happy Egg Day  - October 12 

Christian Jordan - Jamesway's New Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

Jamesway Incubator Company is pleased to welcome Christian Jordan to its senior team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Christian is based out of the Cambridge, Canada office and will be responsible for managing the sales efforts worldwide.

Christian has an impressive background in international marketing from years managing feed and agricultural machinery for various companies including incubation, and processing within the poultry sector.  His experience has involved understanding and analyzing trends in many parts of the world and developing business and products for many diverse markets.  He has occupied the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sweet Manufacturing Company, a leader in specialized agricultural equipment and was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Lambton Conveyor Limited for more than 8 years.  Christian spent many years working in the grain storage, bulk handling and feed milling industry.  “I am excited to continue to be involved in the live production side of the poultry industry," he said. "I appreciate the work ethics and relationships Jamesway has developed in its long history. I also look forward to working with our excellent sales team to enhance our relationships in the many countries where Jamesway is already active, and to supporting the teams in our emerging markets."   

Christian speaks both Spanish and Italian fluently and comes from a multi-cultural background which renders him particularly suitable for handling Jamesway’s diverse client base. Over the coming weeks and months, he will be spending time becoming more familiar with the organization, sales representatives, and customers.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Jamesway organization," said Jordan. "I look forward to presenting the high quality equipment, customer service and values that Jamesway offers our customers.” 

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history logo

Jamesway Incubator Company Incorporated (also known as James Manufacturing Company in the early 1900’s) has been involved in perfecting the hatching process for over 100 years. 

We like to sift through the archives to see what interesting bits of history we can uncover.  Maybe we will trigger a memory.  Let us know if you remember this ad.

1941 - Imagine.  Women seen doing farm labor!

It is hard to imagine that this was worth talking about, let alone making an advertising campaign based on the issue, but thanks to WWII, women were being welcomed into the workplace in unprecedented numbers.  In agriculture the women kept the farms running, keeping the American economy moving and feeding people at home and the troops abroad.

Whether women really needed special equipment to do so is another issue entirely.


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