Three systems allowing you to choose the right option for your needs

AirWAY CC3: A packaged ventilation system. We deliver. You connect your electricity, gas (optional), water and controls then you are ready to go

AirWAY Modular: a flexible and expandable approach

AirWAY Rooftop: customized rooftop units provide the perfect environment for each room, independently


Minimize installation time and cost. Save on building space.
Think inside the box.
The CC3 is a complete external, packaged mechanical room and air handling system; pre-tested and readily installed.
The CC3 sits outside your building on a concrete pad freeing up valuable floor space within the hatchery.
Operation and maintenance are simple.


AirWAY Modular
Flexible ventilation system for hatcheries of any size.
100% fresh air modules can be ground mounted near to supply lines and required spaces.
Air handlers are 100% fresh air, with chilled water cooling, dehumidification, and heating as required.
Additional modules include skid-mounted twin head pumps for chilled and hot water supply redundancy.

Customized design

Every hatchery requires its own unique ventilation and equipment. During design our ventilation specialists consider many factors, such as building orientation and construction, the type of machines used within the hatchery, and the hatchery's local climate.

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Tackling modern-day challenges

Complete control over the environmental control system ensures the most productive hatch every time.
Using the correct data about temperature and humidity assures consistent quality hatch and best value for the investment.
Quality chicks = greater numbers of saleable chicks and
fewer culls.

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Ventilation Controls

Jamesway’s Guardian control system gives hatchery managers complete control of their incubation and hatching environment. Through sensor-based controls and user-friendly software, the system provides an accurate way to monitor and control temperature, humidity and pressure. Guardian interfaces seamlessly with Hatchcom III and 4 hatchery management software, providing all your data easily in one place.

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Heat Recovery Solutions

Jamesway has teamed up with an energy efficiency expert to develop a heat recovery solution (HRS). Our HRS captures the heat typically rejected by your chiller to heat the hot water supply for the incubators and hatchers for free, with excess hot water available for other applications such as building ventilation heating, or storage for washdown—saving you money in multiple areas and enabling continual expansion.

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It’s the consistency and reliability of their products and services that keep us with Jamesway.

Bob Billingsly
Director of Development and Engineering, Sanderson Farms, USA

Jamesway’s sales reps are hatchery men who can answer questions and dig in to help solve problems. When they don’t know something they call in to Jamesway’s technical support team for another level of hatchery knowledge.

Daryl Hilsher
Longenecker's Hatchery, Inc
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Download our product brochure to learn more about the capabilities, features and specs of our AirWAY ventilation systems.

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