Jamesway is pleased to announce the launch of our Webinar Wednesdays education series,
focusing on the questions at the forefront of hatchery manager’s minds.

Join us monthly as we share our knowledge on a variety of topics,
and answer live questions from webinar participants.

Each webinar will last an hour, with 30-45 minutes of content, and plenty of time for questions and answers.
Free registration is now open for the first sessions, reserve your spot today!

To suggest topics or for any questions you may have, please email webinars@jamesway.com

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Upcoming webinars

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Have a great holiday.  Tune in, in January, to see our new schedule of Webinars for 2019

Did you miss a Webinar?

All our Webinars will be posted here so you can reference them anytime.

December 12, 2018 - Sanitation for the Hatchery

Professor Keith Warriner from the University of Guelph joins Victoria to talk about what real sanitation in the hatchery means, and what are the threats to your hatchery ecosystem. 

November 28, 2018 - 10 Steps to a Great Installation with Steve Ditner

Join Tory and Jamesway's Director of Global Services, Steve Ditner, as they take you through the steps to making sure your machine installation goes smoothly.

September 19, 2018 - HVAC for your Hatchery

Turning the tables this time, we put ventilation expert Tory in the spotlight to talk about HVAC. Join Keith Bramwell as he interviews Victoria Frail about HVAC issues in the hatchery. Have your questions ready!

August 22, 2018 - Ducks! With Linet Price

Linet is one of the world's foremost experts on duck incubation. He joins Victoria Frail to talk about his experiences, offer tips, advice...and answer questions of course!

May 23, 2018 - Jamesway Introduces its new ONLINE PARTS store

Launched May 23, this webinar introduced customers to our store and showed them around. Join Eva Sipos, Pilar Gardeazabal and Victoria Frail.

May 9, 2018 - Essential Hatchery Tools

Phillip Perry and Victoria Frail discuss the best tools for your hatchery manager's toolkit and other tips and gadgets useful in your Jamesway hatchery. Download Presentation Here

April 11, 2018 - Special edition technical session: Hatchcom 4

Jamesway's Curtis Lapinskas and Victoria Frail explore the completely re-designed Hatchcom 4. They will take you through a live demonstration of the program, highlight all the new features, and ensure you are ready for your update before it arrives.

Mar 21, 2018: Metabolic Heat

Jamesway's Senior Consultant and Technical Advisor, Jerry Garrison joins Victoria Frail, to discuss the hottest topic in incubation today: Metabolic heat. Metabolic heat is produced by the developing chicken embryos, and balancing that heat production with the environment is essential to producing a quality chick. In today's world of high-heat breed strains, managing this heat is more important than ever.Watch to learn tips and tricks.

Feb 21, 2018: The Embryo: A two part series.

Part Two: Embryo Development
Jamesway's Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Keith Bramwell, explains the complicated development going on inside the eggs and how to maximize the environment in your machines during those stages.

Jan 24, 2018: The Embryo: A two part series.

Part One: Embryo Diagnosis Jamesway's Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Keith Bramwell, will discuss what is happening inside your eggs and how to analyse the break out when things go wrong in order to make it right again.

Dec 13, 2017:  Biosecurity in your Hatchery

On the heels of recent avian flu, salmonella and other infections, biosecurity must always remain at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Join Jamesway as we discuss hatchery biosecurity and what it means for us, as the manufacturer, as well as what it means for you, the hatchery manager.

Oct 25, 2017:  Ask Us ANYTHING! Special Webinar 

Join Jamesway's team of incubation experts for an open Q & A period. Have all your questions about the operation and profiling of your machines answered by our experts: Jerry Garrison, Phillip Perry, Linet Price and Bill Bennett. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Oct 11, 2017: 5 Things You May Not Know about Hatchcom

Learn more about the ultimate hatchery management tool: Hatchcom. Victoria Frail, Curtis Lapinskas and Ronald Roxas will share some of their top tips for using Hatchcom, and answer your questions about the software.

Sept 13, 2017: Those 3 Days No One Talks About - The Hatcher

Victoria Frail and Phillip Perry discuss Phillip's exciting new work into profiling hatchers to ensure all the good work you've done in the incubators is not lost! Whether you incubate in single or multistage equipment, we will teach you how to optimize your hatcher performance for maximum results.